Travel Services

Below are details of marine travel agencies we suggest. All offer marine travel fares and one way tickets for crewmembers who are joining or signing off a ship. Note that none of the suggested agencies are associated with Mexicrew, and we do not receive any payment or commission from them.

Most tickets are fully refundable if your plans change - please confirm with your chosen agency whether your ticket is refundable or non-refundable.

There are various ways to pay for your ticket including Western Union, MoneyGram, Money Order, Credit Card, or bank transfer. Please ask your chosen agency for their payment options, or consult their website.

EuropeUSA Travel - -
Payment methods: Western Union Quick Pay, credit/debit card, bank transfer, pay onboard ships of Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises (when buying a ticket while onboard).

Total Travel Marine - -
Payment methods: Credit/debit card, PayPal.

Riya Marine Travel (Based in India, with international offices) 
Online booking is available, with multiple payment options.

In order to request a quote for your flight, please email the following information to your chosen agency:

- Name as it appears in Passport
- Date of Birth
- Gender
- Departure Airport
- Destination
- Travel Date(s) 
- Passport Number
- Passport Expiration Date
- Passport Country of Issue
- Name of ship you are joining
- Your position
- Joining date

If you are in Honduras, and wish to buy your ticket locally, we suggest to contact Transmundo - - this agency also offers marine fares to crewmembers, and will request to see a copy of your letter of employment. If you decide to contact them, make sure the ticket they offer you is refundable/changeable in case of need.

Once you have received your ticket, please send a copy to your Crew Coordinator at Mexicrew.