About Us
The Mexicrew mission: To provide employers with qualified and knowledgeable personnel of the highest calibre and integrity. At the same time, to provide qualified personnel with the assistance and resources they need to take advantage of the opportunities provided by shipboard employment.

We follow the employers' non-discrimination policies with regard to candidate selection, which cover areas such as age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.

We work with qualified crew from Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

*** For The Apollo Group (Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Marella (TUI) Cruises and FTI Cruises), we are the appointed hiring partner in Mexico. We ONLY recruit in Mexico for these cruise lines - if you are from another country and wish to join The Apollo Group  you will need to contact the hiring partner in your country. For Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) we recruit in Mexico and Guatemala only. For MSC Cruises we recruit in Mexico and Peru only. For Steiner One Spa World we recruit in Mexico only. For our other cruise line partners, we recruit throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. ***

We operate 100% ethically as agents, and do not charge our applicants any kind of fee, commission, etc. Our fees are entirely paid by the companies for whom we recruit, and we have a very high satisfaction rating from our candidates, who rate us consistently as the ‘best agency’ with whom they have worked.

With regard to employment onboard the ships of Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Marella Cruises, and FTI Cruises, we work with The Apollo Group, which is the hotel services provider for the companies. We are one of the appointed hiring partners for The Apollo Group in Mexico.

With regard to employment onboard the ships of Silversea Cruises, Mystic Cruises, and Scenic Cruises, we work with V.Ships Leisure SAM, which is the appointed crew management agency for each company. All interviews and documentation procedures for Silversea Cruises are handled by V.Ships Leisure SAM. 

To contact us by email, see the How to Apply page.

It should be noted that Mexicrew Maritime Services S.A. ("Mexicrew") acts at all times AS AGENTS ONLY for the various maritime employers, and all inquiries and communications are made on behalf of said maritime employers. At no time does an employer - employee relationship exist between Mexicrew Maritime Services S.A. and any candidate / crewmember, nor is any such relationship deemed to exist in any fashion. Crewmembers are employed by the various maritime employers for which Mexicrew Maritime Services S.A. acts as agent, and any claims by crewmembers must be pursued with the appropriate maritime employer.

Mexicrew Maritime Services S.A. is incorporated as an International Business Company in Belize, Central America. Company registration number 153674.