Application Process
In order to check current vacancies and application instructions, please check our Facebook page by clicking the link below.


Nationalities applicable for each vacancy are specified in the post on Facebook, as well as the email address to use to send your application.

Note - Please do NOT use Hotmail to communicate with us as it is unreliable and may result in you not receiving our response. We suggest to open an email account with Gmail ( 

Please note that ALL our authorized recruiters use email addresses ending in or - any other email address has no connection with us and could be a scam.

Our ONLY authorized recruiters are listed below:

Gina Caraveo
Marlene Monsreal
Jessica Luna 
Galo Estrada
Luis Enrique Sandoval
Tashonya Stewart

We will arrange in-person or web interviews for candidates who pass our initial pre-screening. Web interviews are conducted using Skype.

If you were previously fired from another cruise line, we will NOT be able to assist you. All employment histories and references are checked, and we are not able to offer positions to candidates who have previously been fired from other companies. If you were fired previously, please do not waste your time contacting us.

Mexicrew DOES NOT charge any fees to candidates, and NO recruiter from Mexicrew should request any kind of fee or payment from any candidate. If any of our recruiters ask you to pay a fee for any reason, please immediately send an email to THIS EMAIL with details of what was requested. 

Once we have received your application, it will be reviewed by our recruiting team, and qualified candidates will be contacted for initial screening. If you pass the screening process, we will then proceed to arrange an interview by Skype or in person with the cruise line you are applying to join. 

Mexicrew has made efforts to avoid being the victim of fraud where unknown and unauthorized persons fraudulently approach individuals alleging to represent Mexicrew. These attempts often originate from (but not limited to) Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc. addresses. For the avoidance of doubt, Mexicrew’s domain name is and all genuine correspondence from Mexicrew will originate from email addresses. 

In case you have received any suspicious e-mails from the addresses above or any other addresses that you deem unusual or odd, please contact us immediately at this email address.

What should you include in your CV?

Your CV should be as short as possible, but factual, and provide basic details of your previous experience. You should always include:

Full Name, Address, Phone number, Email.

Date of Birth

Education including school name, dates you were there, and what you studied.

Current and previous employment including company name and address, dates you were employed, your position title, and your duties, plus the reason for leaving.

Languages you speak, and fluency level.

Your hobbies / interests.

Preparing for your interview

If you will be interviewing by Skype, we suggest you read our recommendations for a successful interview:

If you do not already have Skype installed on your computer, you can download it free at After downloading, you can create a free account - there is no cost for using Skype with other Skype users. 

Make sure you are in a QUIET location, without background noise (traffic, phones, dogs, babies, etc)

Make sure you have a good speed internet connection, with working webcam, speakers and microphone (or headset) and TEST EVERYTHING before the interview begins. In order to test your Skype connection, you can add the Skype user echo123 - this is a call testing service which allows you to check your sound and microphone. 

Be online at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the interview.

Dress professionally/smartly. This doesn't mean you have to wear a suit and tie (but you can if you wish) however we recommend you wear a smart shirt, and make sure your hair is tidy. 

Try to relax and not feel nervous. If you are not used to using a webcam, try talking with a friend by webcam in advance, to get used to it.