Mexicrew Maritime Services S.A. operates in compliance with the ILO Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) with regard to Seafarer Recruitment & Placement Services. Mexicrew has been audited by Lloyd's Register  and found to be in compliance with regulation 1.4 of the MLC.

In this regard, we do not charge candidates for our services. Our fees are paid by the cruise lines who employ our candidates. 

Mexicrew DOES NOT charge any fees to candidates, and NO recruiter from Mexicrew should request any kind of fee or payment from any candidate. If any of our recruiters ask you to pay a fee for any reason, please immediately send an email to THIS EMAIL with details of what was requested. 

According to the cruise line which offers employment, candidates may need to pay for passport, medical examinations and mandatory training prior to joining, and for travel to the assigned vessel. These fees will be paid directly by the candidate to the service provider (i.e. training school, doctor, travel agency). 

Mexicrew does not provide 'form filling' or other 'chargeable' administrative services to candidates, however will provide advice and assistance where needed for candidates to complete their own forms and applications, at no cost.

With regard to many areas of the MLC 2006, Mexicrew defers to the maritime employer's policies and standard operating procedures as defined by the maritime employer.

Specifically however, Mexicrew will: i) ensure that candidates are not subject to exploitation with regard to the offer of engagement on a particular ship or by particular companies; and ii) prevent the opportunities for exploitation of candidates arising from the issue of joining advances or any other financial transaction between the shipowner and the candidate.

Mexicrew will not: use means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter candidates from gaining employment for which they are qualified (black listing).

Mexicrew will: ensure that requests for information or advice by families of seafarers while the seafarers are at sea are dealt with promptly and sympathetically, and at no cost.

Mexicrew will: ensure, as far as practicable, that all mandatory certificates and documents submitted for employment are up to date, have not been fraudulently obtained, and that employment references are verified.

Mexicrew makes substantial efforts to provide applicants and crew with accurate information, and we encourage our candidates to ask questions on any details or aspect of the process.

ILO - Maritime Labour Convention 2006