Joining Grand Circle Cruise Line
If you are joining GCCL (Cayman) Ocean Fleet Management Ltd. (Grand Circle Cruise Line), this page will assist you to prepare for your assignment.

Ship Information

Grand Circle Cruise Line - Athena, Arethusa, Artemis, Corinthian, Clio

Personal Data Sheet

Please download it here, complete fully and CLEARLY and return a copy to us.

Medical Forms

Download the medical forms here. Refundable cost (ensure you keep your receipt to receive your refund onboard). Needs to be filled in and certified by a physician (signed & stamped). It can take several days to complete all components of the examination, so please plan in advance. We would kindly ask you to make sure your doctor makes all the necessary tests and marks results on the medical form attached. In addition to the Medical form attached an Alcohol and Drug Test must be made.

You must also obtain TETANUS and YELLOW FEVER vaccinations, and send a copy of your vaccination certificate to us with your completed medical forms.

International Benefits Form

Please download it here, complete fully and CLEARLY and return a copy to me by email. You can find help and an example form here.

Confidentiality Policy & Consent Group Employees

Please download the Confidentiality Policy and Consent Group Employees forms, complete fully and CLEARLY and return a copy to us.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Please download the policy and procedures, then download and sign the declaration and return a copy to us.

Uniforms Measurement Sheet

Please download here (female), or here (male), complete fully and CLEARLY and return a copy to us.

Uniforms Provided Personally

We will inform you regarding uniform items you should provide personally and bring with you.

Passport photo

Please scan and send a color passport photo to us.

Police Clearance

You must obtain a Police Clearance (Antecedentes no penales), stating no criminal background. IT MUST BE TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH and sent to us.


Your passport  must be valid for AT LEAST 12 months from the date of joining the ship. Please check your passport expiration date carefully, and if necessary, renew it in good time and send us a copy.

Seaman’s Book

Please send us a copy of your seaman's book. If you do not have one, please arrange to obtain one in your home country. If this cannot be done, you will need to apply for a Maltese (ship flag) seaman’s book, and we will send you the instructions.

STCW Certification

STCW Training – You are required to have the following STCW training: 1 - Basic Safety Training, 2 - Crowd Management, 3 - Crisis Management/Human Behaviour Training, 4 – Security Awareness, 5 – Certified Proficiency in Survival Craft. See our STCW page for full details. Your certificates must be valid AT LEAST for the duration of your contract. Please check your certificates expiration dates carefully, and if necessary, renew them in good time. Copies of certificates must be sent to us.

Visa Applications

If a visa is required for joining or sailing onboard your assigned vessel, we will advise you accordingly and provide instructions for the visa application.

Ticket to join the ship

Once your medical is cleared and your documentation is completed and has been submitted to us, the company will arrange your flights to join the ship, and we will send you your flight details.