Cleared to Join?
Once your medical has been cleared, and all your other documents received and checked, we will send you an email confirming you are clear to join the vessel.

Make sure you have the following documents with you when you travel - they are all required for joining, and if you forget something, you may not be allowed to join:

Don't pack any of these things in your luggage, but keep them with you in your carry-on bag, in case your luggage is lost or delayed during your trip.

Make sure you also have the following items with you when you travel:

Plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight depature time. If you know the airport is likely to be busy or disorganized, plan to arrive even earlier.

If you have not already done so, before leaving you must sign your contract, and send a copy to Mexicrew by email.

When you arrive in your destination city:

Either the local port agency will meet you and transport you directly to the ship, or to a hotel if you are staying overnight, or in some major turnaround ports, if you are staying overnight you will make your own way to the hotel using a shuttle bus. We will provide specific information related to your arrival when we send your clearance to join. Read the information clearly, so you will know what to do when you arrive in the destination city.

If the port agent is meeting you, you will normally find the representative in the arrivals hall, after you have collected your luggage and cleared customs. Look for someone holding a sign with your name, the name of the ship, or the name of the cruise line.

New hire checklists:

NEW HIRE CREWMEMBERS ONLY (Joining Oceania, Regent or Marella Cruises for the first time): If you have not already done so, please read the “Before you set sail” guide on our Already Hired? page (if you wish, you can print a copy). Please print the form on the last page, initial the ‘Agree’ boxes for each item, scan and send a copy to Mexicrew, and take the original with you to the ship and hand it in with your other documents when you join.

We wish you a pleasant trip to the ship, and a great contract once you are onboard. We'll be in touch with you again when you complete your contract and return home on vacation!